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About Fairy Hair

About Me

This is me

 I started Fairy Hair Charleston as side hustle to my part-time day job, working for the Town of Mt. Pleasant Tennis Center.  I had visited a friend in NC who was doing it, and she taught me.  I thought I'd throw up a FB/IG page, print some business cards, and see how it goes.

Well, it was a natural fit.  I worked as a massage therapist + yoga instructor for 18 years, while also running a successful side business making + wholesaling jewelry.  My hands have always served me well!


Putting in fairy hair isn't easy.  If it was, i'd be out of work.  Every mom would be putting it in the hair of their kids!

After over four years of practice, I've reached the ability to securely tie in 65-75 pieces per hour. 

And I will tell you, my secret to long lasting fairy hair is a combination of three vital factors:  1 - my knots don't slip.  When you lose the FH, the head hair will be attached.  2 - there is always only one strand of hair in the knot; any more than that and the brush will catch + yank it out.  Finally, 3 is up to you;  check out the HairCare page to see what I mean 🤓


Arrive with freshly washed (night before okay), dry, and brushed hair. This will help eliminate any strands with weak follicles that are getting ready to shed, giving you a better chance of it lasting longer. 

Read the HairCare page!

FAIRY HAIR is safe to wash, blow dry, and color (won't change).  You can even style using a flat or curling iron (up to 450 degrees) and it won't melt; it will curl or straighten, just like real hair.  

TYPICALLY, Fairy Hair lasts 2 - 8 weeks, often much longer!   

But there is no way to make any guarantees. It's possible to lose some strands by bedtime.  Part of this has to do with the shedding cycle of your hair (google it), and part of it can be a result of how you care for your hair, as well as other factors.  (See the HAIRCARE page.)

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