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Seriously want long lasting Fairy Hair?

What to do - and not do

First of all, we need to get this said right off: there are no guarantees when it comes to Fairy Hair. 🤷‍♀️ It's tied to one single strand of hair (catch a second and your brush will catch and yank it out), and there's no way for your stylist to know which strand will fall out by bedtime.

But I can tell you that in my 5th year of experience, Sparkle Charleston's knots don't slip, so when the FH does fall out, the head hair will be attached.  I also make sure to only catch one hair in the knot; more than that + the brush will yank it all out.


That said, it's pretty normal for all of us to lose between 50-100 strands a day. (Google it!)  We most frequently lose them in the shower and when brushing our hair.  

However, if you're finding strands on your pillow case, your clothes, the floor... or if you're losing all your Fairy Hair within the first week, you need to consider what's going on inside your body as much as to what's happening to it externally.  In other words, what you may be doing to cause it harm.

Stress, restrictive dieting, thyroid issues, pregnancy, childbirth, and hormonal changes can all lead to hair loss, or even alopecia.  


And so can improperly washing your hair, abusing hair in its most fragile state, sleeping on wet hair, and more.

So here are some things to do (and not do) that we promise will help!


DON'T carelessly wash your hair. 

- Do make sure it's throroughtly wet before applying shampoo

- Don't use too much shampoo

- Do clean scalp with a silicone scalp massager

- Don't use cheap drugstore shampoos loaded with harmful detergents, sulphates, dyes + more

- Do wash twice: first focus on top of head: roots + scalp; second time the ends of the strands

- Do make sure you rinse thoroughly!

- Do leave conditioner on for 3 minutes, and use a "wet brush" to coat every strand thoroughly. Use this time to wash your body, then rinse completely

DO use a brush specifically designed for use on wet hair ("wet brush") 


DON'T be rough with a towel when drying. Again, wet hair is fragile and this can damage the hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out.


DO use a microfiber hair towel wrap, which is gentle, super absorbent and fast drying.

DON'T put in an elastic band when wet.  Wet hair is fragile hair! Doing this will stretch and break it.

DO use a hair bobble, or a scrunchy to put up wet hair.  They even make scrunchie towels designed for wet hair that will keep it up while drying it at the same time.

DO NOT sleep on wet hair.  That's a surefire way to break or damage it.

DON'T sleep with hair in a high ponytail. Not even with a scrunchy.  If you have long hair you want out of the way while you sleep, put it in a soft braid.


DO get a satin pillowcase.  They are amazing, and will be so much better for hair (and skin) than cotton.


DON'T pull your hair up tight into a high ponytail day after day.  It will break the hair and tear at the follicles.

ABSOLUTELY use a heat protectant product when heat styling your hair.



DO consider a Biotin supplement for hair and nails.  Costco has a good one that I use.

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